Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fairy Castle Bedroom

Colorful fairy castle accented with gold details, meandering fairies, and a shy bunny.

This is a really darling mural for two lovely little girls who share a bedroom. They each got their own large painted scene over their bed. A gorgeous castle with mostly pinks for one girl, and a flock of butterflies in a flurry of colors for the other. I love how this all came together. Maybe after painting so many fairy type murals I just know what to do at this point :o) But whatever it is, I'm really happy with the result and the girls loved it - that's the most important thing!

Butterflies in flight, mushrooms bursting with patterns, and a fairy picking teeny blooms.

Striped-tights fairy enjoying a swing in the huge shade tree.

Magical fairy castle up on the hill - the center of fairy commerce and magic spells.

A fairy stops to pick a tiny bloom underneath a giant fragrant lily in the mushroom forest.