Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rolling Italian Countryside (just inside the office!)

A detail of the Italian Countryside mural.

This was such a fun mural project for me - it was so easy to imagine being in this place and what the light and colors would look like. Really, when am I going to Italy??

...a grove of cypress in the distance with warmly lit mountains far behind.

Full view of the Italian Countryside mural (painted frame is cropped out).

My mural sketch...

The mural in process...I measure and tape, then sketch in and start adding layers.

About halfway completed...

The finished mural...

This ended up being such a nice space to paint this mural. It fit so well and really is like having a window into the countryside...not bad for an office in a basement!

Such an elegant, warm, & colorful niche.


Anonymous said...

what kind of paint did you use?

Devon said...

For this mural I worked mostly with golden acrylics and different painting mediums. I love using tube paint, especially on a smaller scale murals like this one.