Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Gondola Ride Through Venice

I painted this mural for a lovely couple that holds Venice, Italy, near to their hearts. They've visited several times and have several nice collectibles from Venice in their home. It was fitting to paint this grand scene of Venice and St. Mark's Square in their dining room. I planned the dimensions of the mural to go from the ceiling (about 12' up) to just above their sideboard buffet, and about 11' from left to right. This mural took me 4 days to paint (with plenty of preparation) and the end result is really stunning!

A full view of the mural.

Another view of the gondolas and the square.

The gorgeous street lamps.

A zoom in on the water, the architecture, and the boats in the canals.

The mural in process - day 3 of work.

Before the mural: an empty space in the dining room begging for a view on Venice.


Anonymous said...

Wow Devon this is my favorite of all your work! Of course Venice is one of my favorite places, so I'm biased...

Great job as usual. And I love your new blog! Keep the updates coming. It's always fun to check out what you're up to.

--Elizabeth Adinolfi

christine harkins said...

Hi Devon,
I'm so impressed with your whole body of work. It's inspiring!

Devon said...

thank you so much!